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Exaggerated INDIVIDUALISM is linked to the excessive patterns of attitudes toward INDIVIDUALITY and the INDIVIDUAL EGO, which is found in Western psychology.   The Aboriginal DREAMTIME world is founded on a sense of self and society on a different basis for the relationship between humans and the spirit. The Aboriginal […]


If it does not “FIT,” ALTER IT. Too many people cast away someone’s IDEA because it does not “FIT” their conception of the way to resolve a problem or situation. Sometimes you have outgrown the system or the system has outgrown you. Then you must ALTER YOUR PERSPECTIVE TO “FIT” […]

DETERMINATION…A. Kalam, Winnegrad

IF YOU FAIL AT SOMETHING, NEVER GIVE UP, BECAUSE TO FAIL IS A DETOUR TO SUCCESS. Looking at the word F.A.I.L it is an acronym for First AttemptIn Learning. To SUCCEED in your efforts you must possess DETERMINATION. DETERMINATION is; Persistence, Resolve, Conviction, Tenacity and Firmness of one’s Purpose.   […]


HUMANS ARE HARDWIRED TO FOCUS ON STORIES, NOT ON FACTS. When we hear a STORY, it triggers increased blood flow to multiple areas in our brains. This is called EMPATHETIC TRANSPORTATION. With factual information, only two areas of our brains are used to process the detail.   A NARRATIVE, A […]

MOVE FORWARD…F.Bruni, Winnegrad

It is difficult suggesting to someone to MOVE FORWARD without having that one’s PERSPECTIVE on the issue of contention. Notably to MOVE FORWARD beyond the loss or diminishing of a quality that one possesses. An article from F. Bruni is uplifting in many ways. So I thought it would be […]