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THE LESSONS ARE THERE, it is within our history. We are aware that history is a good educator. We should be taking advantage of the wisdom of our past leaders. I do hope that the wisdom of these past four leaders will resonate with everyone. Here are some of their […]


When the birds in the woods see a threat they all “sing” in unison to warn others of the evil. We must take the lesson of the birds and stop being silent, stop thinking and start “singing” out loud in unison. We are all in the same family of HUMANS, […]


……………”There need be no trouble. Treat all people alike. Give them all the same law. Give them all an even chance to live and grow. All people were made by the same Great Spirit Chief. They are all sisters and brothers. The earth is the mother of all people, and […]


The U.S. Senate in 1988 paid tribute to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois people) with a resolution that said, “The confederation of the original 13 colonies into a republic was influenced by the political system developed by the Haudenosaunee, as were many of the democratic principles which were incorporated into the Constitution […]

LET US DREAM…Winnegrad

As we get older some of us rely on the intellect and less on the intuition. These people rely on the intellect as the supreme mode of knowing. They tend to judge the intuition as anti-intellectual. The intellect, in its cold rational search for facts, blinds some of us to […]


AN OBLIGATION is a COMMITMENT, a DUTY, a RESPONSIBILITY. We are bound to be OBLIGING if we are to perform as a HUMAN. This VIRTUE should be taught to us from birth. Being COMMITTED to others is a NATURAL RESPONSIBILITY. How many times in your life has someone given you […]


ECHO is; to repeat or to imitate. When you ECHO something that another person says without checking the facts or to see if the statement is reliable, that is not the proper way to be a considerate HUMAN. It is the way of a PARROT. Too many false statements are […]

DESIDERATA…M.Ehrmann, Winnegrad

                                             The following is a poem that was written in the early 1920’s. It was given to me when I was in college and consequently helped to shape my beliefs. Go placidly amid the noise & haste, & remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible […]


A FEELING is an EMOTION, something that many times comes from a non-logical unqualified reaction. It is very easy for anyone at one time or another for that EMOTION to take hold of their FEELINGS. We are susceptible to such unconscious surrender and the loss of a clear view of […]

THE WAY OF GROWTH…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

We must remember, that TRUTH is never exaggerated and exaggerated TRUTH is not sincere. When you speak the TRUTH you never have to be defensive. Those that are defensive are not speaking the TRUTH. TRUTH, REALITY and INTEGRITY, must never be allowed to be distorted. If the TRUTH is embellished, […]