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OUR STRENGTH TO PREVENT CHAOS IS CONNECTION. This is the time to be LIONHEARTED. A LIONHEARTED person has the qualities of; BEING, VULNERABLE, USEFUL. HONORABLE, SYMPATHETIC, MAGNANIMOUS, VIRTUOUS and NOBLE. A person that exhibits these characteristics is; someone checking on a neighbor, someone sending a warm concerned text to another, […]

HAVE FAITH…Winnegrad

HAVING FAITH is; confidence, optimism, goal, dream, aspire to, trust. Taking a step forward is always the direction toward HAVING FAITH. Without FAITH we can become stagnate and fall into despair and fear.   To give a visual aspect to HAVING FAITH, it would be the sun rising from a […]

A FRIEND…Winnegrad

A FRIEND is one with whom you have a mutual attachment. A FRIEND also is; a unquestionable TRUST, a confidant, a soul mate, an alliance, a bond, a mutual regard, devotion, good faith, understanding and generosity. This is why one is fortunate to be able to say they have several […]

SO TAKE A RISK, BE PRUDENT…A Brooks, Winnegrad

The current, and incorrect, definition of PRUDENT is caution, aversion to risk or faintheartedness. These are a modern interpretation for the word PRUDENT. The word “PRUDENCE” comes from the Latin “PRUDENTIA,” meaning expertise, wisdom, sage.   PRUDENT in its earlier English use had little to do with fearfulness or habitual […]


Exaggerated INDIVIDUALISM is linked to the excessive patterns of attitudes toward INDIVIDUALITY and the INDIVIDUAL EGO, which is found in Western psychology.   The Aboriginal DREAMTIME world is founded on a sense of self and society on a different basis for the relationship between humans and the spirit. The Aboriginal […]


If it does not “FIT,” ALTER IT. Too many people cast away someone’s IDEA because it does not “FIT” their conception of the way to resolve a problem or situation. Sometimes you have outgrown the system or the system has outgrown you. Then you must ALTER YOUR PERSPECTIVE TO “FIT” […]