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                                                 Many years ago when I was about 15 years old my father was a boxing manager and taught me to box at an early age. We had many boxers staying at our house from time to time. One day when my father came home from work he was told […]


                                                       YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR THOUGHTS OWN YOU. They come and go as they please. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS act like a bully, they never give you anything, they just take.  If your NEGATIVE THOUGHT comes from an imperfection you have, then that flaw can’t be changed. Accept it […]


                                            Before Jim Brown was a Hall of Fame player for the Cleveland Browns he played lacrosse for Syracuse University making the All-American team. I was a freshman at Syracuse and he was a senior. One day there was an inter-squad game. The freshmen against the varsity. There was a […]

TWO SOCKS…Winnegrad

                                                 TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS were given to me 42 years ago. I was very touched with the unexpected gift. So I didn’t know which pair to wear first to work. So, being me, I wore one sock from each pair to show that I had no preference. At work […]


                                              When I was training a student several years ago, he was having a problem to FIND A RESOLUTION to his particular situation. He told me his mind was cluttered up, he could not think clearly. The office was in New York City. I brought him to the window and […]


                                                  TO HAVE A CHOICE means that you have options. So WHEN YOU FEEL THAT YOUR GLASS IS “HALF EMPTY,” THEN PUT IT IN A SMALLER GLASS. You then will have a “full glass.” Thinking hard on the power to choose you will find the right tool to carry you […]

THERE IS A VOID…J.Abumrad, Winnegrad

                                    THERE IS A VOID, an unknowing, an emptiness, out there facing everyone. That VOID is called tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? What will happen the day after tomorrow? The thought that may come to you is what will I do? What follows tomorrow, is LIFE. Nothing is unavoidable. Everyday […]


                                            “LOOK DEEP INTO NATURE, AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING BETTER,” said Albert Einstein. Yes, what matters more for your life is a better look at nature and how it helps trees, plants and animals to survive. Hermann Hesse found out that when trees are left to themselves they […]


                                               Most people seek acceptance, respect, trust, brotherhood, sisterhood from others. It is a most natural desire. To do this we must open our perspective on life. As we do when we read a book,  go to a museum, as we walk in nature, all these are pleasing to the mind […]

THE WIND…Winnegrad

                                                         I absolutely value my friendship, relationship with the Chief, his wife, his family and the rest of the Haudenosaunee (people of the Iroquois). The values that I possess as a Human is because of my stay with them from the time I was a teenager. The Chief, as some […]