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Through research it has been found that many years of repetition and constant feedback are essential for INTUITIVE LEARNING. Repetition develops habit, which develops knowledge, which then permits INTUITION to function.   Whatever skill you wish to develop requires this process. A process that should be utilized within the entire […]


Our reason to be on this earth is not to criticize, reject or judge. Our purpose is to offer assistance to others, compassion and empathy. OUR LEGACY IS THE ACCUMULATION OF WHAT WE GIVE BACK NOT WHAT WE TOOK OUT. You will amplify your existence by helping others.   The […]


“THE GREATEST ENEMY OF KNOWLEDGE IS NOT IGNORANCE, IT IS THE ILLUSION OF KNOWLEDGE,” said Steven Hawking. To learn any skill; a sport, a musical instrument, managing people, cooperating with others, is first learned through obtaining KNOWLEDGE for that particular endeavor. The KNOWLEDGE then has to be sharpened into a […]


A saying of Mr. Rogers was; “DEEP AND SIMPLE IS FAR MORE NECESSARY THAN SHALLOW AND COMPLEX.” Young children are so much more superior for their instinctive small acts of HELPFULNESS, the SMALL HUG, the SHARING OF WHAT THEY HAVE THAT OTHERS DO NOT HAVE.   What happens to the […]

GIVE YOURSELF AS A GIFT…D. Brooks, Winnegrad

Our culture does a good job of ignoring the uniqueness and depth of each person. Pollsters see demographic groups, data counts people as if they are apples, capitalism reduces people to economic self-interest and consumerism treats people concerned merely with pleasure. PERSONALISM is a philosophy built on the uniqueness and […]


It is DIFFICULT being thought to be DIFFERENT or to be seen as DIFFERENT. You may pay a price for BEING DIFFERENT, but it is important to not fear to be DIFFERENT. At home, school and at work most people may give you a wide circle. It is not that […]