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PEOPLE PLEASING…A.Lamott, Winnegrad

There are two kinds of PEOPLE PLEASING, positive and negative. The positive we have touched on many times with these posts, it is where you share your KNOWLEDGE with others. Where you show EMPATHY, GRATITUDE and TRUE FRIENDSHIP with others. The negative is where you PLEASE others by giving away […]


There is pain in the world, but there is TRUTH and BEAUTY in the midst of the pain. If one is able to see that, then A WONDEROUS DAY is possible. Infinite possibilities can be exciting, but even more beautiful is doubling down on the life that you have. Then […]


What is POWER? Yes, there are many definitions for POWER. There are two basic types of POWER, good and bad. The one POWER is compassion the other POWER is ruthless. Power is; authority, control, manage, domination, influence, leadership, capability, prestige, obedience and importance, to list several.   One does not […]

MRI of the SOUL…Winnegrad

The SOUL as a reminder is; honor, affection, philosophy, essence, heart, spiritual being, principle and cause, amongst many more attributes. The SOUL is the pure essence that radiates from a person. When one self-compares with another you vacate your life, your experiences. In essence you lose your SOUL. IT IS […]


Basically there are THREE DIFFERENT SHAPES OF WATER, they are; STEAM(vapor), ICE and LIQUID. Depending on the conditions, circumstances or situation one of these THREE SHAPES OF WATER will exist. We all should take this as an illustration or a lesson on how we should be with our involvement with […]


We all have to make more of an effort to be PERSON WHISPERERS. More and more people and organizations are learning to communicate with other people through the lessons from horse whispering. A horse whisperer is a horse trainer who adopts a sympathetic, non-aggressive, view of the MOTIVES, NEEDS and […]

FEEL…M. Popova, Winnegrad

The easiest and most common opinions are readily rewarded, and dissenting voices are most readily punished by the unthinking mass. Some of this belief stems from the permanent arrogance of a culture blinded by its own prejudice. There is always a battle of unique pressure to conform to the masses. […]