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The definition in the dictionary defines SUCCESS as “ the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame,” but this interpretation does not give a feeling of FULFILMENT, or a feeling of COMPLETENESS. There is also a PSYCHOLOGICAL SUCCESS, A TRUE SUCCESS.   We should try to live the […]

A CHILD’S MIND…D.Usher, Winnegrad

A CHILD instinctively knows how to use their imagination, how to be CREATIVE. We become disconnected from our CHILDLIKE curiosity the more we “learn.” It has been demonstrated that when CHILDREN are given instructions on how to play with a toy they become less curious, and not discover new ways […]


WHAT HAPPENED to listening to the DESIRES, WISHES, AND DREAMS of a CUSTOMER, FRIEND, COLLEAGUE, OR CHILD? We are so caught up in the tangled interconnection of life that we sometimes take SHORT CUTS in listening. We do not listen with our HEARTS, UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, EYES AND EARS. So we […]


FRAGRANCE is a library for feeling and time. Perhaps because we experience FRAGRANCE with our whole selves, with the MIND, SOUL and FEELINGS. It is impossible to consider it merely as a smell. FRAGRANCE is an essential means of communication for our inner STORYTELLING, which is the narrative support of […]


WOW is slang for; TO GAIN AN ENTHUSIASTIC RESPONSE FROM ANOTHER, AN EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OR PLEASURE, OR A THRILL FROM ANOTHER. Have you ever given a WOW to someone? Or has one given a WOW to you? When someone says to you; “you have touched my HEART and lifted my […]