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                                                 There are many people that constantly try to perfect themselves to avoid their feeling of being unworthy. We are too judgmental on ourselves. We have to adjust ourselves on how we think. In a way we have to accept ourselves as we are. Acceptance of ourselves is key to […]


                                                       DEDICATION is to assign oneself to something serious. It is to make a vow or devote oneself to a cause. IT IS A COMMITMENT WHOLEHEARTEDLY TO SOMETHING OF SIGNIFICANCE, SOMETHING MEANINGFUL, SOMETHING HONORABLE. To dedicate oneself to something HONORABLE is to be VIRTUOUS.  To be VIRTUOUS is to be […]


                                                  The Haudenosaunee (the Iroquois Nation) teach you in their philosophy that TRUTH is repeated again and again so that eventually what is said leaves the head and goes TO THE HEART. So it is not too late to learn from Ben Franklin’s action and learn as he did from […]

A TRUE PURPOSE TO LIFE…M.Popova, Winnegrad

                                        The only PURPOSE and TRUTH TO LIFE is acceptance of others and LOVE TO OTHERS. We have to step away from our misfortune in LIFE, which is conflict and not listening to other people’s perspective and we must strive to compromise. We must live more fully and LOVE more […]