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BUILDING BLOCKS…M.Popova, Winnegrad

                                         THE BUILDING BLOCKS that are buried deep in all of us, inside our inner child, are the unrestrained desire for CONNECTION, for TRUTH, for UNDERSTANDING, for LOVE, for CURIOSITY, for HARMONY. These outstanding, beautiful qualities are buried deeply under our self-protection of ego, self-serving, selfishness of being an adult. […]


                                                   HOPE PUSHES US TO TAKE ACTION AND GIVES US THE POWER TO CREATE REALITY. Engaging  in different experiences can improve well-being. It has been shown that experiencing diversity gives HOPE and positive effects. Positive emotions are acquired when an individual exposes themselves to novelty and to new experiences. These new […]

NO BALANCE…Winnegrad

                                                           Joseph Marshall III, a Native American, illustrates the definition for TEAMWORK as “ A bow without the arrow is of no use, likewise for the arrow. One without the other is NO BALANCE. One cannot fulfill its purpose without the other.” WHAT MATTERS IS THE MUTUAL PURPOSE THEY FULFILL. […]