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To endure means to keep going despite obstacles. Endurance is not a state of rest. It progresses forward. What endures renews itself and its effect through continuous activity. What endures does so through change, not in spite of change. Its effects are understood against the experience of change. Plants and […]


Diana Prince (WONDERWOMAN), Kara Danvers (SUPERGIRL), Clark Kent (SUPERMAN), Bruce Wayne (BATMAN) and Peter Parker (SPIDERMAN) assist people, assist communities and assist to keep happiness throughout the world. They all, without question, never seek acclaim, cheers or praise. They sometimes work together without being concerned on who is in front, […]

HAPPINESS…I Ching, Winnegrad

HAPPINESS comes from inner peace and inner balance. It requires INTEGRITY and STRENGTH WITHIN and GENTLENESS and ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT. Put differently, HAPPINESS is a matter of character and communication. People lack HAPPINESS because they lack inner stability. Then they chase after pleasure that cannot fill the emptiness inside them.   […]