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FRAGRANCE IS THE MESSENGER, EMOTION IS THE MESSAGE. FRAGRANCE is a wonderful way to express ideas, EMOTIONS and STORIES. The power of FRAGRANCE has a unique role in how it plays in communicating in our lives. The influence that FRAGRANCE has on our feelings, our well-being and on our perceptions […]


To AFFECT someone is to INFLUENCE someone in such a way as to produce a change in ACTION, THOUGHT, or BEHAVIOR an overall TRANSFORMATION. When Chadwick Boseman was a student in college he had an opportunity to go to a special acting class in Oxford. He didn’t have the money, […]


IMAGINATION is; the power to visualize, a creative ability, a MENTAL RECEPTIVITY. Yes, IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU EVERYWHERE. One has to be open-minded to be CREATIVE, a willingness to listen to others and not hide behind your own cognitive biases. Having a mind that is responsive to other people’s ideas, […]