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BLIND SPOT…Winnegrad

                                                  Why do we, again and again, withhold from others the LOVING UNDERSTANDING AND EMPATHY we desire for ourselves? Sometimes we act from A BLIND SPOT in our brains. We do have a responsibility, an obligation to look past our BLIND SPOT and be TRANSPARENT with ALL our sisters and […]


                                  THE SEARCH FOR SELF-KNOWLEDGE begins with dislodging ourselves from the false sense of security of being accepted by the status quo. Once we realize where we are, then we can SEARCH FOR SELF-KNOWLEDGE. When SELF-KNOWLEDGE is found we will then  realize better health, mentally and physically. Many people focus on […]

10 MINUTES A DAY…Amishi Jha, Winnegrad

                                               10 MINUTES A DAY can benefit you over time by improving your working memory, giving you less mind-wandering, and giving  a greater sense of well-being, and better relationships. Yes, 10 MINUTES A DAY of MEDITATING, over time, gives you all those benefits. Now I know everyone has 10 MINUTES A […]


                                          Yes, TRUTH has so many WONDERFUL FEATURES. When you have TRUTH within you, you present yourself as a SERVICE to others. As Muhammad Ali said; “SERVICE TO OTHERS IS THE RENT YOU PAY FOR YOUR ROOM IN HEAVEN.” Such a beautiful, comforting FEATURE OF TRUTH.                                                TRUTH                                             T- Trustworthy                                             R- […]