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A river serves all the people by its usefulness for boats to navigate on them to transport a variety of goods and people to a variety of destinations. The rivers would not exist if it were not for the humblest of sources; little tributaries and streams that feed into the […]

IMAGINE….John Lennon, Winnegrad

To paraphrase the immortal song IMAGINE, I hope that I do not diminish the strong, authentic message. To start small, let us IMAGINE the emotional message setting the tone in the workplace. YOU MAY SAY THAT I’M A DREAMER. BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.   IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE […]

WHY FENCES…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

FENCE: a barrier, enclosure used to prevent entrance for protection, to confine, or to mark a boundary. For establishing exclusive right to possession. An archaic definition; a means of defense, to avoid giving direct answers.   Why is it that many of us prefer having an imaginary FENCE around our […]