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The Webster Dictionary definition for TEAMWORK is; ACTING TOGETHER for a common cause; coordinated effort as A GROUP.   Native American, Joseph Marshall III, has this definition for TEAMWORK, ”A bow without the arrow is of no use, likewise for the arrow. If a bow is seen alone, one wonders […]


When you started your vocation, YOUR CALLING, you had a dream, a vision of being useful, a dream of making a difference. One must periodically make a conscious effort to remember why you allowed YOUR CALLING to touch YOUR HEART.   If that is not done on a regular basis […]

TOO MUCH DATA…C. Madsbjerg, Winnegrad

Our fixation with DATA often make stunning deficiencies and risks. We have lost touch with HUMANITY. If we lose our perspective on human behavior our insights or INTUITION have no power. We have become too digitized, depending on algorithms. We must return to a process that feels “old-fashioned.” It is […]

YES, THERE ARE….Winnegrad

Why are there no butterflies that when they flap their yellow wings you can hear music?  YES, THERE ARE if you believe. Why are there no dogs that when they bark you see a variety of colors? YES, THERE ARE if you believe. Why are there no fragrances when they […]