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MOVE FORWARD…F.Bruni, Winnegrad

It is difficult suggesting to someone to MOVE FORWARD without having that one’s PERSPECTIVE on the issue of contention. Notably to MOVE FORWARD beyond the loss or diminishing of a quality that one possesses. An article from F. Bruni is uplifting in many ways. So I thought it would be […]


COLORS are like words that shape a STORY, like notes that shape music. One can fit together COLORS to relate SMELL with the mental perception; of wind blowing or the vision of mountains or the image of an elegant woman dressed up for an evening out. Using COLORS to tell […]


The definition in the dictionary defines SUCCESS as “ the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame,” but this interpretation does not give a feeling of FULFILMENT, or a feeling of COMPLETENESS. There is also a PSYCHOLOGICAL SUCCESS, A TRUE SUCCESS.   We should try to live the […]