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ATTENTION IS A GIFT..Tao, Borba, winnegrad

“ATTENTION IS THE RAREST AND PUREST FORM OF GENEROSITY,” said Weil. ATTENTION is the concentration of the mind on a single object, thought, or conversation. We can be stuck in rigid perspectives, oblivious to alternative views. We must create an atmosphere of trust and reciprocity. We have to replenish others. […]


As Robert Greene says, “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. The human brain requires lengthy exposure to a discipline, which allows for complex skills to become deeply embedded and frees the mind up for actual creative activity. The desire to find shortcuts makes one eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery.” Using […]


If your expectations are too unrealistic, then you will only make yourself unhappy. Don’t be angry or resentful. Life is not always fair. Accept the situation for the time being. Instead of bemoaning your fate, consider instead how you can be of service and make a contribution. You cannot force […]