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DO NOT BE AN “I”…Winnegrad

An “I” is a person with an ego which is self-love, self-worship, self-centeredness, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-important. There is obviously no room for “WE” when there is an “I” within someone. It is much easier to travel to the heights of SUCCESS with another, as an “I” it is more difficult […]

PEOPLE PLEASING…A.Lamott, Winnegrad

There are two kinds of PEOPLE PLEASING, positive and negative. The positive we have touched on many times with these posts, it is where you share your KNOWLEDGE with others. Where you show EMPATHY, GRATITUDE and TRUE FRIENDSHIP with others. The negative is where you PLEASE others by giving away […]


There is pain in the world, but there is TRUTH and BEAUTY in the midst of the pain. If one is able to see that, then A WONDEROUS DAY is possible. Infinite possibilities can be exciting, but even more beautiful is doubling down on the life that you have. Then […]