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A FEELING is an EMOTION, something that many times comes from a non-logical unqualified reaction. It is very easy for anyone at one time or another for that EMOTION to take hold of their FEELINGS. We are susceptible to such unconscious surrender and the loss of a clear view of […]

THE WAY OF GROWTH…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

We must remember, that TRUTH is never exaggerated and exaggerated TRUTH is not sincere. When you speak the TRUTH you never have to be defensive. Those that are defensive are not speaking the TRUTH. TRUTH, REALITY and INTEGRITY, must never be allowed to be distorted. If the TRUTH is embellished, […]


Not in so many words, but we have been expressing on this blog for a long time — WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR WORLD. Now with the different “disasters” happening it has come time. IT IS THE POWER OF ATTITUDE, CHANGE YOUR MIND CHANGE YOUR WORLD. With this in mind […]