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NOW IS THE TIME to LOOK at the trees blowing in the soft wind. NOW IS THE TIME to SEE all the other blessings of nature. Really appreciate what they give to us VISUALLY. NOW IS THE TIME to really LOOK at your neighbors (from a distance) to SEE how […]

BE A MOUNTAIN… I Ching, Winnegrad

To be as THE MOUNTAIN one should take one day at a time. Strive for inner peace. Endure and be quiet and restrained. ┬áTo assist oneself to achieve the attributes of THE MOUNTAIN we should MEDITATE. Focusing on our inner PERSPECTIVE, we calm the MIND and the EGO is quelled. […]


OUR STRENGTH TO PREVENT CHAOS IS CONNECTION. This is the time to be LIONHEARTED. A LIONHEARTED person has the qualities of; BEING, VULNERABLE, USEFUL. HONORABLE, SYMPATHETIC, MAGNANIMOUS, VIRTUOUS and NOBLE. A person that exhibits these characteristics is; someone checking on a neighbor, someone sending a warm concerned text to another, […]