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                                   Let me start off with some quotes that were made in the year 1985 by a HIGHLY INTELLEGENT MAN OF WISDOM. “We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit now.” “I can say that the greatest strength is gentleness.”  “ In order to do this we […]


                                                         “Life goes on , it continues to cycle. The sun comes up each morning and with it comes new opportunity, new hope. No matter what kind of mess I have made of the day before, no matter what victories I have celebrated, each new day is a change to […]


                                                             EVERYDAY of your life is a day in “school.” No matter what your age, some days you are the student and some days you are the teacher. Open your HEART/SOUL and learn from others their perspective on life. Learn their acquired knowledge, there is always something to learn from […]


                                        It was 40 years ago a customer gave me a Teddy Bear in appreciation for our WORKING IN CONCERT. I immediately named him Grizz. Then, realizing he has a name, I could not leave him home. He had a name , he became my friend. I then carried him […]


                                       The “FOOTPRINTS” we leave in the HEARTS and SOULS of others will never fade. Starting out in life one is enthusiastic and seeks their own path in life. One looks to making a difference, leaving a voice, a “FOOTPRINT” on this earth. Sometimes one loses the way because it […]