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                                          IT HAS BEEN DETERMINED that we have two eyes for two different reasons. The eye is there for the display of LOVE, EMPATHY, JOY and to show the excitement of LIFE. The eye cannot lie, it cannot fake the EMOTIONS of LOVE, EMPATHY, JOY and the excitement of LIFE. […]

WHAT HAS…Winnegrad

                                               WHAT HAS…Winnegrad WHAT HAS the same beautiful sound as the birds singing in the morning, or the sound of a symphony orchestra playing your favorite piece, or the sound of the wind gently blowing slowly through the trees? To have that same beautiful sound would be the sound of someone […]

COUNT THE NUMBER…Winnegrad COUNT THE NUMBER…Winnegrad   So when you went to sleep last night did you COUNT THE NUMBER of people that you ASSISTED that day? How many strangers did you bring a smile to their faces by saying hello to them as you passed them on the street? When […]