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                                                       YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR THOUGHTS OWN YOU. They come and go as they please. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS act like a bully, they never give you anything, they just take.  If your NEGATIVE THOUGHT comes from an imperfection you have, then that flaw can’t be changed. Accept it […]


                                            Before Jim Brown was a Hall of Fame player for the Cleveland Browns he played lacrosse for Syracuse University making the All-American team. I was a freshman at Syracuse and he was a senior. One day there was an inter-squad game. The freshmen against the varsity. There was a […]

TWO SOCKS…Winnegrad

                                                 TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS were given to me 42 years ago. I was very touched with the unexpected gift. So I didn’t know which pair to wear first to work. So, being me, I wore one sock from each pair to show that I had no preference. At work […]


                                              When I was training a student several years ago, he was having a problem to FIND A RESOLUTION to his particular situation. He told me his mind was cluttered up, he could not think clearly. The office was in New York City. I brought him to the window and […]


                                                  TO HAVE A CHOICE means that you have options. So WHEN YOU FEEL THAT YOUR GLASS IS “HALF EMPTY,” THEN PUT IT IN A SMALLER GLASS. You then will have a “full glass.” Thinking hard on the power to choose you will find the right tool to carry you […]