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THERE IS A VOID…J.Abumrad, Winnegrad

                                    THERE IS A VOID, an unknowing, an emptiness, out there facing everyone. That VOID is called tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? What will happen the day after tomorrow? The thought that may come to you is what will I do? What follows tomorrow, is LIFE. Nothing is unavoidable. Everyday […]


                                            “LOOK DEEP INTO NATURE, AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING BETTER,” said Albert Einstein. Yes, what matters more for your life is a better look at nature and how it helps trees, plants and animals to survive. Hermann Hesse found out that when trees are left to themselves they […]


                                               Most people seek acceptance, respect, trust, brotherhood, sisterhood from others. It is a most natural desire. To do this we must open our perspective on life. As we do when we read a book,  go to a museum, as we walk in nature, all these are pleasing to the mind […]

THE WIND…Winnegrad

                                                         I absolutely value my friendship, relationship with the Chief, his wife, his family and the rest of the Haudenosaunee (people of the Iroquois). The values that I possess as a Human is because of my stay with them from the time I was a teenager. The Chief, as some […]