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THE CIRCLE…Winnegrad

To persuade someone to your perspective is done by showering them with understanding, care, love and GRATITUDE. The honor of giving and the humility of receiving, all is a CIRCLE. The CULTURE OF GRATITUDE is a gift; that the CIRCLE of reciprocity flows back again and again. This gift comes […]


IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON to change things for the better. We must share our thoughts, our knowledge, our wisdom without the fear that someone will “steal” our idea. IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON to take the first step. Believing in yourself, is a bridge, it shows confidence in yourself. […]

A VALUED HUG…Winnegrad

A HUG is a simple gesture of trust, affection and friendship. “To HUG” means to hold closely, to cherish. The word HUG comes from Scandinavian origin, around the 1560s, from the Old Norse-the word meant “to comfort.”   There is no clear origin on when it originated. It seems to […]


To paraphrase Neil deGrasse Tyson; “I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people’s beliefs rather than beliefs shaping what people THINK is true.” There is a difference between truth and meaning. There are people that would rather KNOW than THINK, establishing a certitude of ready-made beliefs […]