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The following is something that has been with me for many years. They are not my words, they definitely are my BELIEFS. Read and ENJOY. GRATITUDE creates optimism and positivity. You feel better about life when you are thankful. THANK YOU, MERCI, TACK, GRACIAS, DANKE, ARIGOTO, GRAZIE, DOJO are beautiful words […]


Someone that is UNIQUE, DISTINCTIVE, EXTRAORDINARY is very difficult to come upon in life. When you do, cherish that relationship dearly. SPECIAL implies that the PERSON described has qualities and character that differentiates them from others. SPECIAL is generally used to emphasize the exceptional quality to that person. If you […]


A Horse-whisperer is a person that works with horses. A trainer, that adapts A EMPATHETIC, COMPASSIONATE VIEW OF THE MOTIVES, NEEDS, AND DESIRES OF THE HORSE. Which is a special talent to communicate with a horse. If this works with horses, do you not think this could and should work […]


Within your FAMILY when you see someone carrying packages, or lifting something cumbersome or managing an awkward situation, hopefully you offer your ASSISTANCE. Why? Because you are FAMILY, right? Then please explain why you do not do the same for your neighbor, colleague or stranger. WAKE UP ALREADY WE ARE […]