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ATTENTION IS A GIFT..Tao, Borba, winnegrad

“ATTENTION IS THE RAREST AND PUREST FORM OF GENEROSITY,” said Weil. ATTENTION is the concentration of the mind on a single object, thought, or conversation. We can be stuck in rigid perspectives, oblivious to alternative views. We must create an atmosphere of trust and reciprocity. We have to replenish others. […]


“We can be blind to the obvious, and we are also blind to our blindness.” Kahneman. Many large organizations are divided, which often fail to talk to each other- let alone collaborate. SILOS breed tribalism. But they can also go hand in hand with tunnel vision. We need specialist departments […]


One thing I kept finding was that many of the world’s leading innovators and creative minds were exceptionally good at asking questions. There is a link between questioning and innovation. Google is described as a company that “runs on questions.” Questioning isn’t taught in most schools, nor is it rewarded […]

GRIT…Angela Duckworth (part 2 final)

    There are four assets for GRIT: Interest, practice, purpose, and hope. INTERESTS are triggered by interactions with the outside world. Interests thrive when there is a crew of encouraging supporters; including teachers, coaches, and mentors. Positive feedback makes us feel happy, competent, and secure. One must goof around, […]

GRIT…Angela Duckworth(part one)

    The highly accomplished are paragons of perseverance. Their passion is enduring, they are unusually resilient, hardworking and with direction. It is this combination of passion and perseverance that make high achievers special. In one word they have GRIT. Aptitude does not guarantee achievement. Psychologist Tsay, found that by […]