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The past is to prepare for the NOW. Do not dwell in the past, do not regret the past. Use the lessons from the past to help make the NOW better. Even when circumstances do not go as planned, if you lived those moments with EMPATHY, GRATITUDE, RESPECT FOR OTHERS, […]


What do we hold dear? TIME AND ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE. So then sharing those two gifts with others will come back to us in a much more valuable gift through THE CIRCLE.   Take the TIME and assist others by sharing the KNOWLEDGE you worked so hard to obtain. Teach others, […]


Have we lost our way in making the effort to promote a concept? Has the pursuit of the goal obscured our vision for the basic way to communicate a purpose.  We should be COMMUNICATING, INFORMING, REVEALING the idea, by TELLING the individual WHAT THE IDEA CAN DO FOR YOU. The […]