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                              “THE GREATEST STRENGTH IS GENTLENESS,” said past Chief Leon Shenandoah from the Haudenosaunee. Such a beautiful statement. GENTLENESS a process from the HEART/SOUL, a VIRTUE, is considered more powerful than any muscular hardiness. Think of ALL as family and friends and show your GOOD INTENSTIONS TO ALL. Then you […]


                                                       Why is it so difficult to say the word WE? WE means us or together.. I know that the word WE is two letters where I is one letter. Most people act like two letters weighs more than one letter so it is more difficult to carry in the […]


                                     It is very important to TALK TO YOUR THOUGHT. This eliminates any form of confusion. Thinking YOUR THOUGHTS can produce besides confusion, also anger and depression. When you verbalize out loud your THOUGHT, you are hearing it for the first time. This eliminates all the confusion inside the brain. […]

TAKE A WALK… Sifferlin,Time,Winnegrad

                                             The practice is called FOREST BATHING. A large body of evidence has shown that spending time in nature is responsible for many measurable beneficial changes in the body. People who have spent 40 minutes walking in a forest had lower levels of the stress hormone which is involved in […]


                                        CONNECT means; to join, combine, UNITE, associate, we all know the meaning. Why is it so difficult to CONNECT with others? Children with their inborn HUMILITY and LOVE, before they are taught differently, demonstrate being CONNECTED constantly. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. As stated before, UNDER THE SKIN WE ARE […]


                                       One PATH is an OBLIGATION TO OTHERS, and TO FUTURE GENERATIONS. The other PATH is a decision to take FEAR FROM OTHER’S CRITICSM, or OTHER’S NEGATIVE ORDERS. It is known that “the greatest strength is gentleness,” said Leon Shenandoah, past Chief of the Haudenosaunee.  Leon also said “the Creator will […]


                                   As long as one’s ego obsessed mind is focused on HOW ONE IS DOING instead of WHAT ONE IS DOING, one is operating out of self-consciousness. This mindset generates insecurity, it takes one out of the present moment. Focusing on winning, or achieving fame and glory and not focusing […]

LIVING TAO…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

                                “The real and most dangerous opponents we face are fear, anger, confusion, doubt and despair. If we overcome those enemies that attack us from within, we can attain a true victory over any attack from without,” said M. Ueshiba. An inferior person thinks only of the goal and how […]

RELATE TO…Winnegrad

                                                          WE MAY NOT BE RELATED, BUT WE CAN ALWAYS RELATE. Yes that is so true, according to the Thesaurus RELATE TO is; to have a connection to, be associated with, be connected with, have a relation to, be joined with, identify with, empathize with and tie in with. So […]