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We are hardwired for STORYTELLING since the caveman days. We are all STORYTELLERS. Susanne Langer said; “any exact concept of feeling and emotion cannot be projected into the reasoning form of literal language. Communication is almost useless for conveying emotions. Intuition is the understanding of feeling.”  Stories are one of […]


The people of the Iroquois Nation stir their coffee counterclockwise. They do their ceremonial dances counterclockwise. They pass food around the dining table counterclockwise. Why, because they do not go against THE FORCES OF NATURE. The earth spins counterclockwise. When they fill a drinking bucket of water from a creek, […]


GRATITUDE creates optimism and confidence. You feel better about life when you are THANKFUL. GRATITUDE is a wonderful gift to be shared. A simple THANK YOU to another is a beautiful act of kindness, caring, respect and love. Acknowledging all of the goodness around us every single day, makes for […]


INDIVIDUAL CHANGE IS DIFFICULT, BUT NECESSARY. If one is not open to change, or adaptable to the demands of their work environment, or to their private life demands then you can appear to be stuck in a negative habit. IT IS NECESSARY TO HIT REFRESH IN YOUR QUEST FOR NEW […]


FRAGRANCE IS THE MESSENGER, EMOTION IS THE MESSAGE. FRAGRANCE is a wonderful way to express ideas, EMOTIONS and STORIES. The power of FRAGRANCE has a unique role in how it plays in communicating in our lives. The influence that FRAGRANCE has on our feelings, our well-being and on our perceptions […]


To AFFECT someone is to INFLUENCE someone in such a way as to produce a change in ACTION, THOUGHT, or BEHAVIOR an overall TRANSFORMATION. When Chadwick Boseman was a student in college he had an opportunity to go to a special acting class in Oxford. He didn’t have the money, […]


IMAGINATION is; the power to visualize, a creative ability, a MENTAL RECEPTIVITY. Yes, IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU EVERYWHERE. One has to be open-minded to be CREATIVE, a willingness to listen to others and not hide behind your own cognitive biases. Having a mind that is responsive to other people’s ideas, […]

DO NOT BE AN “I”…Winnegrad

An “I” is a person with an ego which is self-love, self-worship, self-centeredness, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-important. There is obviously no room for “WE” when there is an “I” within someone. It is much easier to travel to the heights of SUCCESS with another, as an “I” it is more difficult […]

PEOPLE PLEASING…A.Lamott, Winnegrad

There are two kinds of PEOPLE PLEASING, positive and negative. The positive we have touched on many times with these posts, it is where you share your KNOWLEDGE with others. Where you show EMPATHY, GRATITUDE and TRUE FRIENDSHIP with others. The negative is where you PLEASE others by giving away […]