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DREAM IT…Winnegrad

Just DREAM IT, it is within you. Greatness, success, expertise is inside us all. It is up to a teacher, mentor or colleague to assist you in attaining this skill that is within you. That DREAM can be a reality if we prepare for the moment.   The preparation is […]

JUST GOOGLE IT…S.Begley, Winnegrad

Psychologists theorize that the GOOGLE EFFECT causes our memories to weaken due merely to the fact that we know we can look something up, which means we do not keep pounding away at the neural pathways that strengthen memory.   The natural digital user might say, so what? I can […]

THE MOUNTAIN…From the I Ching

Take one day at a time. Attain inner peace. Endure, be quiet, restraint. Exercise fully what you have received from nature without any subjective viewpoint. In one word be absolutely vacuous. MEDITATE, focus on your inner perspective. Once the mind is calm and the ego quelled, you will transcend your […]

WALKING…N.Dean, Winnegrad

Steve Jobs insisted on “WALKING MEETINGS” with business associates to resolve creative problems. Now Mark Zuckerberg and others from Silicon Valley are doing the same. Nikola Tesla took daily WALKS to mull over his ideas before he put them down on paper. Nietzsche said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived […]