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GIVE YOURSELF AS A GIFT…D. Brooks, Winnegrad

Our culture does a good job of ignoring the uniqueness and depth of each person. Pollsters see demographic groups, data counts people as if they are apples, capitalism reduces people to economic self-interest and consumerism treats people concerned merely with pleasure. PERSONALISM is a philosophy built on the uniqueness and […]


It is DIFFICULT being thought to be DIFFERENT or to be seen as DIFFERENT. You may pay a price for BEING DIFFERENT, but it is important to not fear to be DIFFERENT. At home, school and at work most people may give you a wide circle. It is not that […]


Pythagoras coined the word PHILOSOPHER to describe himself as a “LOVER OF WISDOM.” It is as in life, some are influenced by the love of wealth while others are blindly led on by the mad fever for power and domination, but the finest type of person, the PHILOSOPHER, gives themselves […]


REALITY IS CREATED RATHER THAN OBSERVED. Everybody has a different view on REALITY, because everyone’s emotions are affected differently. Everyone’s understanding of REALITY is based on their own experience which is felt through one’s emotions. Through EMPATHY, LISTENING TO ANOTHER WITH BOTH EARS, WITH BOTH EYES, WITH YOUR HEART, AND […]


Maya Angelou said; “THERE IS NOTHING SO TRAGIC AS A PESSIMIST, BECAUSE IT MEANS THE PERSON HAS GONE FROM KNOWING NOTHING TO BELIEVING NOTHING.” Negativity poisons the heart. When one is CYNICAL of another person’s work, that contempt for the achievement of others is actually to hide from others and […]