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                                             LIVING AS A CHILD the benefits you gain are invaluable. Besides being open to CREATIVE VISION, you also obtain open LOVE. Remember to have LOVE you become VULNERABLE. To be VULNERABLE you gain STRENGTH. To have STRENGTH you have no FEAR. TO HAVE NO FEAR OPENS YOU TO ALL […]


                                           TAKE THE FIRST STEP; to right a wrong, to support the truth, to ASSIST those that are wrongfully suppressed and that first STEP you may STEP alone with just your SOUL. The second STEP you take in that same direction you will find others walking with you. Do not […]

OUT OF THE BOX…Popova, Winnegrad

                                                      Emerson said; “In such a group think society, conformity is the most prized virtue.” Added to that thought Marie Bullock wrote, “Life would be dull indeed without experimenters and courageous breakers-with-tradition.” Why are OUT OF THE BOX thinkers punished, ostracized and at times ridiculed? As long as the OUT […]

BE YOURSELF…O.Butler, Winnegrad

                                          “To be nobody but YOURSELF in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any being can fight,” said E.E. Cummings. To BE YOURSELF you must follow your dreams, your egoless DESIRES and persevere. YOURSELF […]


                                   LOOKING IN THE MIRROR is to see one’s reflection, one’s image. The real MIRROR is if you have a reflection in the HEARTS/SOULS of others. Yes a true image is when you can see how you inspire others, listen to others, share knowledge with others, donate your compassion to […]

TRUST…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

                                                 . Evolved individuals keep their minds open and impartial because fixed opinions distort the flow of pure information. They can then enhance their understanding by combining a collective thought with others. THEY LET THE SUN SHINE IN, with an open mind and open heart; called TRUST. True, this is a […]


                                               I learned recently from a quote of Queen Elizabeth II (a sadness to be without her) that the word INSPIRATION also means “to fill ones lungs.” All these years I was under the impression that INSPIRATION just meant; to motivate, to stimulate, to inspire, to give an idea. So […]


                                   Let me start off with some quotes that were made in the year 1985 by a HIGHLY INTELLEGENT MAN OF WISDOM. “We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit now.” “I can say that the greatest strength is gentleness.”  “ In order to do this we […]


                                                         “Life goes on , it continues to cycle. The sun comes up each morning and with it comes new opportunity, new hope. No matter what kind of mess I have made of the day before, no matter what victories I have celebrated, each new day is a change to […]


                                                             EVERYDAY of your life is a day in “school.” No matter what your age, some days you are the student and some days you are the teacher. Open your HEART/SOUL and learn from others their perspective on life. Learn their acquired knowledge, there is always something to learn from […]