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IMAGINE….John Lennon, Winnegrad

To paraphrase the immortal song IMAGINE, I hope that I do not diminish the strong, authentic message. To start small, let us IMAGINE the emotional message setting the tone in the workplace. YOU MAY SAY THAT I’M A DREAMER. BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.   IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE […]

WHY FENCES…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

FENCE: a barrier, enclosure used to prevent entrance for protection, to confine, or to mark a boundary. For establishing exclusive right to possession. An archaic definition; a means of defense, to avoid giving direct answers.   Why is it that many of us prefer having an imaginary FENCE around our […]


What resonates better with you? A combination of Bergamot, Apple, Muguet Magnolia, Patchouly, Sandalwood and Amber. Or; feeling that you are on a winding trail walking through snow covered mountains, with a bright sunny, blue colored sky.   When it comes to smelling and describing fragrances we have become too […]

BE AN ENCHANTER OF SMELL…popova, winnegrad

The difference between articulating a fragrance well and extraordinarily is the difficulty in isolating the magic. An EXPLAINER is one that makes information clear and dispels doubts. A good textbook is the work of good explainers. An ELUCIDATOR is one that goes beyond explanation, they transmute information into understanding by […]


It is healthy to look in the REARVIEW MIRROR periodically, to see how you have improved over time. To see how much more knowledge you have now, to see how your skills have improved. It is not good to live in the past, but it helps to glance back to […]


The definition of THEATRE is; a housing for dramatic presentations, used for lectures, anatomical (science of the structure of plants) demonstrations, effectiveness of dramatic performance. The THEATRE is the limbic system (the reptilian part of the brain). What enters the limbic system are your emotions, smell and other senses. There […]


Knowledge is of the past. Wisdom is of the future. Wisdom is a never-ending journey, it is life, the lessons we learn from life. In life we sometimes have difficult times, those times can be good because if we learn from them we will become stronger. That is where we […]

THE “LONG BODY”…winnegrad

The ”LONG BODY” is perception of the present moment, it is the sum of everything. The Iroquois talk of the “LONG BODY” as such; Through your senses your body extends beyond its immediate boundaries, {e.g. lacrosse stick, paint brush, violin, hammer}. You are connected via the “LONG BODY” to the […]

EMPTY YOUR CUP…winnegrad

To be empty of preconceived ideas is good. “To taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.” Said Bruce Lee. This philosophy is good to use when discussing ideas with another. There are many that want to say what their belief is, rather than be open to […]