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ron winnegrad

Ron Winnegrad has been a Perfumer and teacher for 46 years. As a perfumer, Ron has been able to express the world he sees through a rainbow of olfactive and emotive visions. As a teacher, Ron has helped others to see fragrance through his own multi sensorial lens.

RELATE TO…Winnegrad

                                                          WE MAY NOT BE RELATED, BUT WE CAN ALWAYS RELATE. Yes that is so true, according to the Thesaurus RELATE TO is; to have a connection to, be associated with, be connected with, have a relation to, be joined with, identify with, empathize with and tie in with. So […]

THE WAY OF GROWTH…Lao Tzu, Winnegrad

                                              We must remember, that TRUTH is never exaggerated and exaggerated TRUTH is not sincere. When you speak the TRUTH you never have to be defensive. Those that are defensive are not speaking the TRUTH. TRUTH, REALITY and INTEGRITY, must never be allowed to be distorted. If the TRUTH is […]

MIND WHISPERING… Goleman, Winnegrad

                                Our manner of being can be sorted into two main categories: wise or deluded. In our bewildered manner, our perceptions are off emotionally, and we focus on our small-minded world. We perceive the world and limit our decisions with a bias. But in our wiser manner, we see clearly, […]


                                                            PATIENCE is something we ALL should strive for. PATIENCE is something that will make life easier. PATIENCE is a willingness to endure, an ability to continue. It takes COURAGE to possess the quality of PATIENCE. PATIENCE is; composure, tolerance, self-control, calmness, yielding, holding back from  harmful retaliation to a wrong.  […]

This BEARS repeating…Winnegrad

                                                    Yes this BEARS repeating, so I ask all of you to BEAR with me . What is said will support many so that they can BEAR any difficulty with others and BEAR some difficulty with time. So,  let us BEAR this together and simply learn. It is so good and […]


                                               It is our responsibility to tell the TRUTH of the REALITY that exists at that moment. If we do not, if we break the FAITH with others the LIGHT OF TRUTH WILL GO OUT. Life goes on with some of its negative aspects, it is our responsibility to tell […]

THOUGHTS IN THE HEAD…T. Levitt, Winnegrad

                                           We all have THOUGHTS IN THE HEAD. Some of these THOUGHTS can be from one’s childhood. Constant negative criticism from parents, sisters, brothers. Or they can be more recent negative criticism. We must not let our minds pull us into these NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. When these THOUGHTS consume your attention […]


                                   Most people seek a purpose to achieve something; like being in an influential job or receiving an increase in salary. When playing a sport; getting a goal, or a block, or a tackle. These are mostly momentary gains. As soon as they are achieved one will have to achieve […]

BE HERE, NOW!…M.Oaklander, Winnegrad

                                              Mindfulness and deep breathing helps one to focus on the present moment. It is attention training as well as a HEALING FOR ANXIETY. Meditation and deep-breathing exercises, lowers stress, eases anxiety, improves sleep, helps the immune system, and reduces depression. Deep breathing can be learned at an early age […]