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The definition of THEATRE is; a housing for dramatic presentations, used for lectures, anatomical (science of the structure of plants) demonstrations, effectiveness of dramatic performance. The THEATRE is the limbic system (the reptilian part of the brain). What enters the limbic system are your emotions, smell and other senses. There […]


Knowledge is of the past. Wisdom is of the future. Wisdom is a never-ending journey, it is life, the lessons we learn from life. In life we sometimes have difficult times, those times can be good because if we learn from them we will become stronger. That is where we […]

THE “LONG BODY”…winnegrad

The ”LONG BODY” is perception of the present moment, it is the sum of everything. The Iroquois talk of the “LONG BODY” as such; Through your senses your body extends beyond its immediate boundaries, {e.g. lacrosse stick, paint brush, violin, hammer}. You are connected via the “LONG BODY” to the […]

EMPTY YOUR CUP…winnegrad

To be empty of preconceived ideas is good. “To taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.” Said Bruce Lee. This philosophy is good to use when discussing ideas with another. There are many that want to say what their belief is, rather than be open to […]

ATTENTION IS A GIFT..Tao, Borba, winnegrad

“ATTENTION IS THE RAREST AND PUREST FORM OF GENEROSITY,” said Weil. ATTENTION is the concentration of the mind on a single object, thought, or conversation. We can be stuck in rigid perspectives, oblivious to alternative views. We must create an atmosphere of trust and reciprocity. We have to replenish others. […]


As Robert Greene says, “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. The human brain requires lengthy exposure to a discipline, which allows for complex skills to become deeply embedded and frees the mind up for actual creative activity. The desire to find shortcuts makes one eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery.” Using […]