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    Among our most universal human longings is to affect the world with our actions somehow, to leave an imprint with our existence. But, our culture has created a reward system in which you get points for tearing down rather than building up, and for besieging with criticism those […]

ZONING IN….Matthew May NY Times

    The proliferation of meditation in the name of mindfulness and the combination of the two terms naturally lead people to equate the two. Mistakenly so. Mindfulness is a higher-order attention that involves noticing changes around us and fully experiencing them in real time. This puts us in the […]


Instruction is useless unless the pupil understands the need for instruction and is genuinely willing to learn.  The youth must seek the teacher. See this as an opportunity to expand your vision and your experience.  Open your mind and put aside preconceptions and prejudices.  Remember – your goal is to […]


Harvard Business Review (Locke) Although intuition can sometimes backfire, in many cases it is a perfectly fine shortcut. It takes a surprising amount of domain-specific expertise to develop accurate intuitive judgments —approximately 10 years, according to research. And during those 10 years, repetition and feedback are essential. Eventually this repetition […]

THE TAO – (Lao Tzu) R.L. Wing

Lao Tzu believed that a constant awareness of the patterns in nature will bring us insights into the parallel patterns in human behavior. Much of our energy is wasted in propping up our beliefs, defending them, and convincing others to believe in them so that they may become “permanent.”  Once […]


by Bettencourt Azim Khamsia received a phone call from the police that his son was shot while delivering a pizza. A friend came to his house very quickly to comfort him. After the investigator left, Azim’s friend said, “I hope they find those b——s and fry them.” Azim said, “I […]