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The definition of THEATRE is; a housing for dramatic presentations, used for lectures, anatomical (science of the structure of plants) demonstrations, effectiveness of dramatic performance.

The THEATRE is the limbic system (the reptilian part of the brain). What enters the limbic system are your emotions, smell and other senses. There is no capacity for words here, that will go to the newer portion of the brain.  The thalamus, which controls vision, is part of the limbic system. The actors; emotions and vision perform for the nose. There is an immediate performance in the THEATRE FOR THE NOSE.

With this performance of smell, we are able to communicate better what we perceive if we utilize the power of what the limbic system contains. We can EXPRESS THE INEXPRESSIBLE by taking the vision impulse and tying it to the smell impulse. This would be immediate and intuitive.

Relating the smell to a vision, scene, emotion we have an instant relation with the performance of the fragrance and the person that we are trying to connect with. If utilized well this can give an advantage to marketing a fragrance. We are on the frontier of an improved method of marketing.

Taking these details of vision and smell in the limbic system we should take advantage of the two being in the same area of the brain. We are hardwired to storytelling since the caveman days. The first thing a consumer should see and hear is the vision, the scene that the perfumer was presenting to the THEATRE FOR THE NOSE.


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ron winnegrad

Ron Winnegrad has been a Perfumer and teacher for 46 years. As a perfumer, Ron has been able to express the world he sees through a rainbow of olfactive and emotive visions. As a teacher, Ron has helped others to see fragrance through his own multi sensorial lens.

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