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ALWAYS BE TEACHABLE…C.Madsbjerg, Winnegrad

TEACHABLE means; open to instructions, willing to learn, sympathetic. It makes no difference on what position you hold in your corporation or how many years you have existed. YOU MUST ALWAYS BE TEACHABLE to evolve and to develop. We acquire skills and meaning in our lives through our shared circumstances. Strategy is about finances but also about culture, people, emotions, behavior and needs.


If you want to truly understand the people in your world, you must engage with them at eye level. Exchange words, exchange emotions with others. “FINDING THE WORDS IS ANOTHER STEP IN LEARNING TO SEE,” said R. Kimmerer. We must avoid pulling worlds apart in an attempt to assemble facts. This will only have us miss everything that can shed light on human behavior. WE MUST ALWAYS BE TEACHABLE


Many masterful leaders, knowledgeable and experienced describe policy and operation as an extension of their body. It is a part of them and they are a part of it. The NATIVE AMERICANS call this LONG BODY. If they play a sport or musical instrument or use a paint brush. That which they hold in their hand is an extension of their body, and so the LONG BODY. With that pure belief, they therefore have better control of their movements as if it is their arm or hand.


Too many of us have lost touch with HUMANITY. ALWAYS BE TEACHABLE. We must make decisions on what will look good for ALL and not on what will look good for our image. LEARN TO SEE. ALWAYS BE TEACHABLE. SEE OTHERS IN THEIR WORDS AND ACTIONS, AND BE TEACHABLE FROM THAT ENCOUNTER.

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ron winnegrad

Ron Winnegrad has been a Perfumer and teacher for 46 years. As a perfumer, Ron has been able to express the world he sees through a rainbow of olfactive and emotive visions. As a teacher, Ron has helped others to see fragrance through his own multi sensorial lens.

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  1. “To Be Teachable” could also be interpreted as, be open to listen. Many times we focus on proving our own particular point of view, while missing the chance to hear options to challenges we face. As a society we have lost some of our empathic skills, and now focus a bit too much on tribalism and protectionism. Being teachable, to me, opens up opportunities to gain insight from others as well as respecting those whose positions are closer to the grass roots of a business, while we are dealing from 30,000 and have a macro view.
    No matter what the position one holds in a company, or their status in life, knowledge will always be power, and power is not only a chance to control, but a chance to implement change; and hopefully change for the good.
    Thanks for your insight Ron.


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