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RESILIENCE by Greitens

How do you focus your mind, control your stress and excel under pressure?  How do you work through fear, overcome defeat or adapt to adversity?  With practical wisdom.  Human beings can turn hardship into wisdom because we are born with the capacity for resilience.  Through practice we become more resilient.  […]


When smelling a fragrance one should try to see the image, the story, the vision first. Where does the fragrance take you, how does it make you feel, what emotions does it evoke. This should be your initial response to the fragrance. Not dissecting it or doing a mental GC […]


by Bettencourt Azim Khamsia received a phone call from the police that his son was shot while delivering a pizza. A friend came to his house very quickly to comfort him. After the investigator left, Azim’s friend said, “I hope they find those b——s and fry them.” Azim said, “I […]