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HAVING FEAR changes one’s reality on life. FEAR comes from; panic, anxiety, cowardice, doubt. There are those that dedicate their life for more power, more authority, more show so that they can be more influential. They FEAR that they will not be appreciated otherwise. FEAR IS THE DECREASE OF CLARITY, THE DECREASE OF CERTAINTY.

One is put here on this earth to develop KNOWLEDGE, which then should be SHARED with others. We ALL must work to ASSIST others so that those that follow us have a better and more comfortable life. FEAR only makes one more obsessed on their selfish NEEDS. FEAR DISTORTS THE PERSPECTIVE OF LIFE. FEAR DISTORTS THE GOAL OF LIFE. We are a huge community, a community that always needs each other to grow and develop.

HAVING FAITH IN OTHERS MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. By ASSISTING and lending a hand to others will only aid you in gaining more KNOWLEDGE and eventually WISDOM. When one accepts ALL into their life, FEAR cannot exist. Being accepted by ALL brings a warmth and a LOVING environment. The rewards of SHARING KNOWLEDGE is endless. HAVING THAT FAITH WILL MAKE MUCH MORE POSSIBLE. EVERY GOOD OUTCOME IN LIFE COMES FROM COLLABORATION.

The LOVE of life can only be felt by giving LOVE to ALL. Remember, the philosophy of the CIRCLE; WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND STRONGER. ACCEPT and LOVE ALL.  Differences in looks, in perspectives and in thoughts should not make a barrier to working together. Remember differences brings beauty and KNOWLEDGE to a relationship..

FEAR is the underlying power of selfishness, greed, and EGO. Nobody consciously wants to live with those traits. Have FAITH IN OTHERS and enjoy your life with COLLABORATION.



ron winnegrad

Ron Winnegrad has been a Perfumer and teacher for 46 years. As a perfumer, Ron has been able to express the world he sees through a rainbow of olfactive and emotive visions. As a teacher, Ron has helped others to see fragrance through his own multi sensorial lens.

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  1. As I am a member of the admiration of Ron Winnegrad Society, I offer my humble opinion to today’s post.
    Fear may not always be fear of not achieving ones goals, but rather fear of the unknown.
    I think the pandemic has thrust fear among many, and perhaps it confirms my hypothesis about the unknown.
    I believe fear can inhibit us when we put up barriers to protect ourselves, most often unnecessarily, but I do think fear has many faces… again: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, but yes we should not let fear shackle us and not allow others into our lives.
    As always thank goodness you Ron for your guidance and inspiration


  2. I love your post and what you said is so true. It’s a shame to let fear keep us from opening ourselves to others, sharing our gifts with them and they sharing their gifts with us. Fear can keep us from truly experiencing all this beautiful life has to offer. Fear can be a daily struggle but with faith, it can be overcome one small step at a time.


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