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Creativity is looked upon as a skill, or a discipline.  David Usher said…. “We need to be able to visualize our creative thinking as one thing and the discipline we work in as another. We tend to marry ourselves to our chosen discipline. Once you speak the language of creativity you can talk about many different subjects or disciplines. When you learn the language of creativity it alters the lens through which you can see all disciplines.”

Taking the creative language of Matisse….”A thimbleful of red is brighter than a bucketful of red.” And utilizing that language of creativity in the discipline of fragrance, we see the concept of contrast.

In every discipline; Fashion, Music, Art and Fragrance, copying is essential for creativity.  Yamamoto said…. “Start copying what you love. Copy, copy, copy, copy, at the end of the copy you will find yourself.” Beethoven copied Mozart. Picasso copied the masters of realism.

One can copy from one discipline to another. A fragrance can be developed from the paintings of impressionism or cubism using the common language of creativity. A dress of a specific color and style can be creatively spoken into a fragrance that will carry that image.

The discipline that you excel in, has the language of creativity.


ron winnegrad

Ron Winnegrad has been a Perfumer and teacher for 46 years. As a perfumer, Ron has been able to express the world he sees through a rainbow of olfactive and emotive visions. As a teacher, Ron has helped others to see fragrance through his own multi sensorial lens.

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